Site Rules for Campsite Munich Riem

Site Rules for Campsite Munich Riem
(Oktoberfest-Camping München)

… to the campsite in Munich Riem at this year’s Oktoberfest. Please mind the following rules to ensure a comfortable stay for ALL campers on this site:

1 Acceptation of Site Rules

Access to the campsite is only granted to campers and visitors who accept the Site Rules. You automatically accept the Site Rules at entering the site.

2 Opening hours

The campsite Oktoberfest-Camping is accessible during the period indicated on our internet site (

3 Arrival / Departure

At your arrival all declared people have to be registered. Therefore, either the booking confirmation has to be presented or a registration form has to be completed. Furthermore, the national IDs/ passports of all guests have to be produced at the check in.
After the check-in every registered visitor receives a bracelet. This bracelet has to be worn at the wrist during the entire stay and shown upon request.
At departure all users need to check out at the counter area.

4 Fees and caravan pitch measurements

Please refer to the notice for prices:
• EUR 35.00/night for caravan/trailer, vehicle incl. 2 people
• EUR 15.00 for every additional person
• EUR 5.00/night for electricity on the pitch
The fee is to be paid in advance at the check-in for the full duration of the stay.
In case of an earlier departure no reimbursement will be made on the paid fee.
Please leave the campsite by 12 p.m. at the latest on your day of departure. In case of a departure after 12 p.m. the fee for another night is to be paid.
Only the number of people who have paid for their stay and are registered are allowed to stay overnight. Free use of toilets and showers is included in the pitch fee. You may also take drinking water and dispose of feces and “household” refuse.

The operator of the campsite may demand a deposit of EUR 500.00 for the caravan pitch and retain it.
The maximum size of the caravan pitch for one vehicle is as follows:
• Width 4m
• Length 8m
Vehicles that exceed the maximum length may be parked on the site only after explicit acceptance by the operator of the campsite. Vehicles or vehicle parts must not block other vehicles, pitches or emergency routes.

5 Pitch assignment

The personnel will show you to a free pitch. Every driver is responsible for parking the vehicle and setting up and securing any structure or superstructure. You are not entitled to be assigned a certain pitch. Do not try to trade or argue for a different pitch – everyone is to take the pitch they are assigned by the personnel. Vehicles may only be moved during the stay under supervision of and according to orders given by personnel.

6 Vehicle parking/usage conditions

Only vehicles registered for traffic may be parked here. Guarding or storing of parked vehicles or any other action that exceeds pitch renting is not part of the contract. Use this campsite at your own risk. The operator of the campsite can haul the vehicle off at the vehicle owner’s cost and risk if:
• the parked vehicle has a leaky tank or carburetor or other faults/defects that result in soiled caravan pitches or jeopardize campsite safety;
• the vehicle blocks emergency routes and areas.

7 Noise control, noise, behavior

Please mind your surroundings and behave accordingly. Avoid noise or loud music. Tidiness, cleanliness and considerate behavior towards fellow campers is a must.
Please mind the quiet time from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the campsite. Nightly quiet time begins at midnight and ends at 7 a.m..

8 Barbecue and campfire

You can have a barbecue with electro and gas barbecues. Traditional charcoal grills and campfires are prohibited on the campsite.

9 Sanitation

Sanitation rooms are to be kept clean. Do not enter the shower stalls with dirty shoes. Feces may only be disposed off at the designated drain.

10 Orders

Immediately follow any order given by the operator of the campsite or any of his representatives. The host and their representatives have domiciliary rights, i.e. they can deny entry or ban persons from the campsite if this is in the best interest of the operator or other campers. Non-observation of the Site Rules or unacceptable or unreasonable conduct may lead to a ban from the site without refund of charges. Representatives of the operator may also issue this ban. The operator reserves the right to force this ban through. A person who breaches this ban will be subject to penal actions for unlawful entry.

11 Waste disposals

Every camper commits himself to leave his pitch as he had found it, i.e. please dispose of any waste and clean up your pitch. Household waste may be disposed off in the designated areas on the campsite. Special waste must not be disposed off on the campsite. Any waste found in a pitch will be matched to the corresponding pitch renter. A fee of EUR 100.00 will be imposed in case of violation.

12 Teenagers

Underage children (under 18) must be accompanied by a legal guardian/parent.

13 Site ban

The site ban includes the whole area of the campsite Oktoberfest-Camping München. If a site ban is issued, charges will not be refunded. The operator reserves the right to file penal actions.

14 Liability for damage

The operator is not liable for any accidents or damage of any kind that may occur in the area. The perpetrator of this damage is liable for any damage caused. The operator is not liable for any damaged or lost objects.

15 Soil properties / grip

The area might be uneven. Bad weather (rain) might lead to slippery ground. Every camper enters at his own risk. The operator is only liable in case of gross negligence.

16 Promotion/Advertising

Distributing promotion/advertising articles is only allowed after explicit authorization by the operator. Unauthorized distribution of promotion/advertising articles results in immediate site ban. The publisher and his agents are solely liable for advertising articles distributed.

17 Other

No animals on the campsite.
German road traffic regulations (StVO) apply on the whole area of the campsite. Drive at walking speed. Drive at your own risk on the campsite.
The operator guarantees the safety of the power connections up to the power distribution box. The user is solely responsible for all cables and devices installed after this point.
The technically perfect condition of the camping equipment is the sole responsibility of the camper. All gas systems must have a valid test badge for gas systems. Every user of gas systems must know how to properly handle propane and gas-powered systems. Knowledge of and compliance with current laws and regulations on gas systems are a must.
Erecting barriers, digging holes and damaging trees and plants etc. is prohibited. Please make sure that cords, tent pegs or other equipment do not endanger others.


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